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“Promote economic, commercial, professional, cultural, social and sports exchanges between companies and professionals in Portugal, Portuguese-speaking countries and China”

  • Establish, promote and develop Portuguese-speaking and Chinese-speaking countries and their overseas Chinese non-governmental trade relations.

  • Assist to connect professionals in various fields such as economy and culture.

  • Establish and share the information network of new energy and new technology business opportunities between Portugal and China.

  • Work closely with official and private companies to build a mutually beneficial bridge for Portuguese overseas nationals and companies in Portuguese-speaking countries to Chinese market.

  • Regularly organize substantial two-way business visitings.

  • Encourage Portuguese and Chinese tourism industry to cooperate with the regional governments to organize unique tourism activities such as health and wellness, sightseeing and cultural exchanges to promote local culture.

  • Introduce the right business partners in a timely and targeted manner according to the needs of each member's and assist in the development of related projects.

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