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Fees & Conditions

  •  Admission fee – It is approved by the General assembly that, until new deliberations, the admission fee would not be charged.

  • Annual Fee:

Individual member – 50,00€ per Year

Corporate member– 280,00€ per Year


The services offered by AECLC depend on the different needs of each member.  AECLC offers individual contracts and fees for different services, which are not included in the annual membership fee.

Payment Options

Preferably, the Admission Fee, Annual Fee, Products and Services, can be made by bank transfer to AECLC bank account:


NIB: 0033-0000-4559-2001-8870-5

IBAN: PT50-0033-0000-4559-2001-8870-5


with the information for the recipient the respective member number, as well as the type of payment you are making, e.g., Admission Fee, Annual Fee, Registration on, etc., and send us the bank transfer document to


However, we accept other payment options. Please contact us for more information.

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