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5 steps to join us

  1. Read the AECLC Statutes, General Regulation, and other Regulations and Conduct Codes carefully;

  2. Fill out the application form signed by two AECLC members and present the requested documents and information by letter or email, as well as the admission fee payment document. Except the Association is taking place any campaign or other conditions. The corporate members must indicate the natural person name that will be their representative by letter/email addressed to the board;

  3. After validating the data indicated in the application form, the supporting documents and the receipt of the admission fee, the application form will be submitted for approval by the AECLC management team;

  4. After the board approval, the membership candidate will receive, by letter or email, an confirmation of his AECLC admission and requesting the annual fee payment corresponding to 12 months starting on the admission month;

  5. After validating the annual fee payment, the member will have access to all services provided by AECLC according to the respective access conditions.

The AECLC Member admission and membership fees are subject to the payment of:

  • Admission fee, payable when presenting the application form;

  • Annual fee, whose payment in the year of admission will be fixed in the admission month, must be process up to 5 (five) days after the receiving date of the confirmation of your admission.

Admission Proposal

The collected data will be subject to computerized treatment and are intended for the management of the Associate's process and for the other purposes indicated in the General Regulation, with the holder being guaranteed the rights of access, rectification, alteration, opposition, limitation, portability or elimination, in legal terms, whenever you contact AECLC in writing.

Admission Proposal

Download your registration form here!

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