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By joining the AECLC, the member, in addition to belonging to the only Association representing companies and professionals from the Lusoesphere who relate or intend to relate in the Chinese market and vice versa, can benefit from:

  • Networking and business promotion

  • Participate in business missions

  • Market training

  • Special commercial conditions for access to the services provided by the Association

  • Special commercial conditions for access to products / services proposed by the Association's partners


According to AECLC Statutes, all natural or legal person who identify with the Association objects can become members. However, the AECLC has defined statutorily the following members categories:


  • General Members – Those who have accepted by the board of AECLC and pay the membership fees

  • Honorary Members – Those who are the founding members of AECLC, as well as whom qualified by: 

– Statutes;

– General Assembly decision in recognition from its merit or contribution for reach AECLC goals and to increase the relations between the Portuguese speaking countries and Portuguese diaspora and China, thus being exempt from the membership fees payment. 

  • Meritorious Member – The Association recognizes that the member contributes a certain value to AECLC, and the value is determined by the Association, and the membership fee will be waived during the specified period.


  • Participate in AECLC’s General Assembly meetings

  • Elect and be elected to the AECLC governing bodies

  • Propose and sponsor the admission to new members

  • Request new information about entities or persons with which they want to establish contats within the AECLC scope 

  • Propose to AECLC to realize activities that fall within its attributions and competences


  • Comply whit the Statutes

  • Honor the member quality and defend the AECLC prestige and dignity

  • Exercise the positions for which they have been elected or appointed, except in cases of majeure force

  • Pay the membership fees recognized by the Association on time, except for the circumstances stipulated in the Association's Statutes

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